Smart Mobility and Equipment Rental

Providing Smart Mobility rental choices, which are fuel-efficient and use clean, low-emissions technology, is a key focus of our sustainability efforts to reduce environmental impacts, provide customer value and manage our business sustainably.

  • Alternative Vehicles and Buses

    Alternative Vehicles and Buses

    We’re exploring a range of alternative-fuel and clean-technology vehicles and shuttle buses to help reduce our environmental footprint. Learn more >

  • Hertz Equipment Rental

    Hertz Equipment Rental

    Clean, low-emissions technology isn’t limited to our cars. Hertz Equipment Rental includes green options and operations as well. Learn more >

  • Hertz Entertainment Services

    Hertz Entertainment Services

    Hertz offers alternative-fuel and fuel-efficient rental options for large-scale events and productions through our Entertainment Services division. Learn more >

  • Donlen


    Our fleet management division provides a wide range of sustainable fleet resource tools to help companies reduce their environmental impacts and costs. Learn more >